Patient/Client Responsibilities

Give accurate and complete health information concerning your past illness, hospitalization, medication, allergies and
other pertinent items.

  • Be at home at the time of the scheduled visit by the home delivery staff and/or respiratory therapist.
  • Learn how to use the equipment and perform procedures relevant to the use of equipment. Such procedures include,
    but are not limited to, the cleaning and maintenance for equipment as well as the proper storage of equipment and
  • Arrange for the services of a caretaker to be responsible for learning and assisting you with the use of equipment if
  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • Report any problem with equipment immediately as instructed by the home delivery staff. Twenty-four hour emergency service is available by calling 800-503-5554.
  • Adhere to your home care plan of service/care/treatment.
  • Fulfill and adhere to insurance carrier requirements, governmental rules and regulations, and financial obligations,
    associated with the services, equipment and/or supplies provided.
  • Contact MedCare Equipment Company whenever you are hospitalized.
  • Contact MedCare Equipment Company whenever you receive a change in your home care prescription.
  • Contact MedCare Equipment Company prior to any change of address.
  • Contact MedCare Equipment Company if you acquire any infectious disease during the time you are receiving services
    from MedCare Equipment Company.
  • Inform MedCare Equipment Company of any ongoing and/or reoccurring pain for respiratory issues.

If you should have a complaint or wish to discuss a problem, please call 800-503-5554 and ask for the manager. Our office is
open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.